After my Content Marketing Post, a lot of you requested that I introduce you to the basics of photography. That means
You are going to work on a few different things when you study the photography basics you need to get started. You will work on a few different things that are important, and they all play into the way that you will take your pictures.

The Camera

The camera is an excellent place to start because you need something that is going to be versatile and easy to use. The best way to start is just to get a DSLR camera. These cameras will take other lenses, but they are so much easier to use because you only need the lens that comes with it. Of course, you can get more if you want, and then you can get the camera to work in the environment that you want. The focus you get from a long-range lens helps you when you are taking shots from a distance, or you need something for closeup work if you are doing simple things like portraits and still life.


You have to know your lighting, and you have to make sure you have enough to get the image that you want. There needs to be soft lighting when you are taking most pictures, but it needs to be bright enough for you to see through the lens. There are some great shots you can take with less lighting, but you have to be honest with yourself because you might not have enough light.

You can also use a special meter that will tell you how much light there is, and you can work from there.

Shutter Speed

Shutter speed is important to consider despite you snapping a picture most of the time. However, you can change the shutter speed to see how light progresses or to show how something moved across the shot.


The composition of your pictures is critical if you want to be a good photographer. You have to be sure what you want to take a picture of and how to organize the composition in the picture. You are taking a picture just like a great artist would paint a painting. You need to have things that are spread throughout the image that are in the right position and that you choose the perfect detail for your field of view. The composition is key to a professional look in every photography genre. It is often the thing new photographers struggle with the most because it is not a technical aspect but an understanding of art.

The composition that you get out of the picture could also be based on where you put everything in the shot by moving your camera. Some people will take the same image over and over, but they are taking a different angle on every shot. That makes all pictures a lot more interesting, and it makes sure that all shots are unique and exciting because they look so much more different than something typical that you would have just taken with your phone.


You should know how to develop your pictures on your own and you have to understand how to correct flaws with filters and digital work that you can do on a computer. Everyone who is trying to make sure that they can digitally work on their pictures needs to have software that will help with that, and you will notice that you can make the same picture look different without anything other than a computer.

You can develop your own pictures in a dark room if you want, and you can keep all the negatives if that is what you need. This means that you will be pretty happy with the ways that you are making your own pictures, and you will have a spot in your house where you can get your work done.

In the 21st century developing pictures is rare but is used by some Professionals who love their craft and want to create unique looking prints of the digital images.

How Do You Improve?

You need to be improving when you are learning how to be a photographer because there is so much to do and to learn.

Some of you are even trying to turn this hobby into a career so make sure you learn thoroughly and with patience. Whether you are trying to be the next Ansel Adams or are just trying to learn the basics of Photography, you will get much better every time you add some new skills to your repertoire. Most importantly though, you have to take pictures, learn how to improve them and adapt for the next session.

You will only get a professional photographer if you practice – a lot.

Further Ressources

There is a ton of relatable information on this subject. I found the guides on the Basics of Photography incredibly helpful for beginner and intermediate photographers who want to learn more about their craft.

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