Photography is a place where you can work in a lot of different places and do a lot of different things. You will have a chance to take pictures in places that you might never have thought of before, and you should make it so that you can work in every area that you want.

Some people want to work out a way to take pictures all the time, but other people want to work in genres that are very specific because they have wanted to do these things for a long time. That is why you have to look into each of these gendered because they will all give you something to think about when you are trying to make choices for your career. Each one is great, and you just have to pick what you want most.


Action photography is something that you will do when you do when you are on the move trying to get pictures of things that are moving. You need to have as many do the lenses as you can get because you have to have a high shutter speed. Someone who does not have the right Shutter speed is in need of something that is probably faster, and that also means that you should ask people who sell you gear how much power and speed you need when you are trying to take a picture of something that is pretty particular.

These are all different, and you just have to see if you can get as many as you can so that you will know that they are all working. You can take shots that stop the action, and you can make them quickly.

To wrap up, Action photography is about:

  • Fast moving shots
  • Using an extremely high shutter speed
  • Taking pictures in motion


Still photography is just anything that takes up most of the frame. This would be like being an artistic photographer who wants to take pictures of fruit bowls and things of the sort. That might be something that you can do to have a lot of fruit pictures around your house, and you can make art that will work no matter where you are going.

To wrap up, Still photography is about:

  • Taking pictures of non moving objects
  • The perfect composition


Portraits are popular because people need to have them done all the time. Clients need them for their jobs, and they need them to make press packets. You should remember that you can do this as much as you want on your own, or you can make a whole business about this because the business will be the place where people go to make sure that they can get their headshots and other pictures done. Portraits are fun because you can practice them a lot with your friends, before you can move into different genres of photography. For many artists wedding photography would be the next step.

Wedding photographers are the people that will capture all the action from a wedding, and they need to have a lot of lenses because they take so many different pictures. Each picture will be unique, and they need to see if they can find clients that are getting married in the summer.

To wrap up, People photography is about:

  • Taking high quality portraits
  • Displaying your counterpart in the best possible way
  • Doing wedding photography for couples who are getting married


This is where get your pictures taken for editorial news pieces. You can do this for yourself, or you can do it just to help someone else. It all depends on what you need to do, and you can change your style depending on the kinds of pictures that you want to take. Some people want to travel, and others will just do this in their local community.

To wrap up, Photojournalism is about:

  • Taking pictures for the newspaper as a reporter
  • Taking pictures for yourself and make your own stories
  • Traveling to see places that need to be chronicled


Nature photography is very important because it will help people get a better idea of the world around them. You can get the nature pictures taken in a way that will help you make the most of each frame, and you can even go so far as to try to take pictures of the animals that arr in your area. These animals will be easy to take pictures of because they will be right there in your backyard, or you can travel to see them and find out where they live.

It all depends on what you want to do to make your pictures look great. You could make a book of these pictures, or you could do this on assignment.

To wrap up, Nature photography is about:

  • Capturing the nature and its animals on film
  • Finding the right light exposure
  • Traveling the world and recording it


There are a lot of people who are going to want to have an avant-garde photography career because you can take as many pictures as you want. You can take pictures of things that are very common and make their pictures look different. You can take pictures in strange places, or you can use odd filters that will make everything look in another way.

This is a photographic genre that you can use at any time but you have to be very creative to make a living in Avant-garde photography.

To wrap up, Avant-garde photography is about:

  • Experimenting with uncommon scenes
  • Abstracting the details

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